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Streamline is a one-stop solution where owners can go to compare data about various locations and identify the best one, down to the street corner.

How does Streamline work

Brick and mortar owners can find their next star location by exploring an interactive map which has the data they need overlaid on top. Owners can pick and choose what data is relevant to them. In the end, you'll see exactly which properties are available in your ideal area.

Explore your city's data by

Total population of regions
Demographics of regions
Foot & Street Traffic

and so much more

Save months of research. Try Streamline.

Our Team

The three founders for StreamLine are Peter Hu, Yeskendir Kassenov, and Joe Lee, three graduates of Stanford University who are excited to stir up the offline brick & mortar world. They all studied computer science in college, and have experiences in computational research, tech startups, and large scale software industries.

StreamLine is part of the 2014 Techstars Seattle Class. Find more info about us below.

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